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     800W Portable Solar Generator

SunXgen 800W Mono-crystalline Portable Solar Generator Kit


SunXgen 800W Mono-crystalline Portable Solar Generator Kit


SunXgen 800W Mono-crystalline Portable Solar Generator Kit


SunXgen 800W Mono-crystalline Portable Solar Generator Kit


$1,250.00 Complete Kit


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SunXgen 800W Mono-crystalline Portable Solar Generator

Portable Solar Generator: Fully assembled in United States and ready to produce energy, only display panels facing south and will have power anywhere you are. Outdoor and indoor safe no fumes, no noise runs.

You can operate essential appliances such as a fridge, cordless and cell phone, radio, fan, lamp, home security system, sump pump and more At work: You can operate power tools such as a drill, belt sander, circular saw and more; powers communication devices such as a laptop, desktop and monitor, printer, fax machine and more Indoor and outdoor: operates a TV, blender, video game console, portable cooler, coffee maker and more.

Mechanical Features: Built on the aluminum chassis, engineered with toughness in mind, corrosion-proof. The 5-inch rubber wheels, meanwhile, roll smoothly on virtually any surface, from pavement to trim carpet to linoleum. The seven-pound chassis frame folds up to a compact size of 25 inches tall and it extends to 39 inches tall.

Technical Features: Double GFCI receptacle outlet 120 AC volts, three connector pin for 12 volts devices and one 12 volts cigarette type connection:

  • Solar Panels: 2 SUN 40-40Wp
    • 40 Watts Monocrystalline
    • Voc: 21.2V- Isc: 2.7 am
    • Vmp: 16.7V -Imp: 2.40 amp
  • Battery Bank Deep Cycle
    • Sealed non-spill able 24DP-4
    • 1260 Watts storage
    • 105 Amps hours (20 hours)
  • Power inverter Modified sine wave
    • CPI 875 DC to AC inverter - Alarm voltage
    • Continuous output power 800W
    • Shutdown voltage
    • Surge rating 1600W (peak)
    • Reverse polarity protection
  • Solar charger controller
    • EPHC 12/24V 10Amp
    • PWM charging mode
    • Build-in electronic fused
    • General switch
    • LED display status Applications At emergency

Note: Weight 95 lbs. this kit include a deep cycle battery.

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