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     1.8 KW Portable Solar Kit



$1,595.00($1,800.00 MSRP)
Complete Kit


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UPG ECO 1800S Ecotricity Solar Power Generator / Inverter with Five 120 VAC Outlets

Ecotricity Eco1800S Solar Power Generators are designed to simply plug and play right out of the box, offering reliable off-the-grid and self-sufficient portable power. From recreational use such as camping, to safety and emergency preparedness, the Eco1800S will provide hours of remote solar power to keep you powered when you need it most. Every household should have one whether for outings, power outages, emergency back-up or "just in case" situations. Let Ecotricity Eco1800S keep you powered in an way.

Home Backup Power for When You Need It Most: Stay prepared with home backup power for refrigerators, computers, televisions, freezers, sump pumps, home office, garage door openers and other household appliances. The Eco1800S powers most home office electronics and household appliances.

Emergency Backup Power: Don't get caught by surprise by power outages, rolling blackouts, or unforeseen disasters. The Eco1800S delivers emergency backup power for powering lights, TVís, radios, fans, mobile and cordless phones, and other equipment in the event of emergencies.

Green power for many applications: Solar Power Helps You Go Green Enjoy, free electricity from the sun for off-the-grid living, camping, tailgating and more. Remote power gives you power without high priced power bills. The savings and security Ecotricity ECO 1800S provides are well worth the initial investment.


  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • No noise or emissions
  • 1800W inverter with five outlets
  • Digital LED battery status indicator
  • High efficiency solar panel for quick system recharge
  • Solar panel cart with wheels for easy mobility
  • DC outlet that allows for DC charging
  • Charge from solar panel or via AC
  • Charges in 18 hours from AC wall outlet or 16 sun hours
  • Easy positioning to capture optimum summer/winter solar rays
  • 50 ft cord and convenient cord storage behind solar panel
  • Plug and play
  • Clean and renewable energy harnessed from the sun
  • Alternative to gas generators
  • Folding solar panel for easy storage


Power to Run Your Important Appliances:

Run Time on Typical Applications
Product Watts Run Time
Cordless Phone 40 412.5 hrs
Cell Phone 20 25 hrs
Internet Modem 15 33 hrs
Inkjet Printer 50-75 46 hrs
Clock Radio 10 50 hrs
Laptop Computer 20-140 2-25 hrs
20" LCD Monitor 52 7.5 hrs
Table Lamp 40 12.5 hrs
13" TV 60 11 hrs
Desktop Computer 80-450 15 min - 6 hrs
8.8 cu. ft. Freezer 200 1 hr
18 cu. ft. Fridge 500 15 min
Sump Pump (0.5 HP) 500 15 min
Microwave 900-1600 5-12 min
Run Time on Multiple Applications
Products Run Time
Laptop, Inkjet Printer, Cordless Phone, Internet Modem Up to 3 hours
Desktop Computer, 17" LCD Monitor, Inkjet Printer, Internet Modem, Cordless Phone Up to 1 hour
Cordless Phone, 13" TV, Clock Radio, Table Lamp Up to 3 hours

Note: Average power consumption as measured on loads tested under typical operating conditions. Rated power may differ from average power consumption. Run times are typical, not minimum. Actual run times may vary.

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