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     Kaito KA009
Kaito KA009 Black


$54.99 MSRP)

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The Kaito KA009 Crank and Solar Power Radio has been described as an update to the legendary KA007. The Kaito KA009 shares many common features with the KA007, but it also includes several subtle enhancements, most notably an integrated LED emergency flashlight that works off the same power source as the radio. Another differentiator from the KA007 is that the KA009 includes the aviation band (162.4 MHz to 162.55 MHz) in lieu of the KA007s police and emergency services band.

Like its “cousin” the primary use for the Kaito KA009 crank and solar power radio is to provide an economical reliable means for its users to get local news and information as well as direct broadcasts from almost anywhere around the world in a compact, reliable light weight package that can be run indefinitely with no external source of power and no replaceable batteries.

Although this radio can be stowed away in a closet or automobile trunk awaiting the next hurricane or other disaster, it can also be used on a daily basis to listen to such varied content as weather broadcasts, international SW radio such as the BBC and normal AM and FM music broadcasts. If you take this with you to the beach or camp grounds, you will not only get to enjoy it, but you will also get to familiarize yourself with the same features that you may need in an emergency.

This radio is powered by four alternative methods. First it can be operated from an included detachable 120 volt AC power cord. Second it can be run from an installed solar panel. Third it can be run from a hand crank charger which stores the internal NiMH rechargeable batteries. Finally it can be run immediately from a second set of 3 AA batteries.


Accessories Included:

  • Extra long range Short Wave Antenna
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • Private Earphone – Listen without disturbing others


  • Emergency AM/FM/SW/Weather band radio with wide frequency coverage
  • Four power sources: Solar, dynamo, battery, AC adaptor
  • Built-in efficient DYNAMO CRANKING SYSTEM can also recharge the internal NiMH battery pack
  • Super Bright Led Flashlight


  • Dimensions: The KA009 is only 6 1/2”X5 1/2”X 2 1/4” so it is small enough to take everywhere. Weighs 1 pound 10 ounces.
  • Solar Power: You can play this Radio with the direct Sun or charge the NI-MH batteries. 12 hours in the sun provides 6-8 hours play time
  • Dynamo Power: The hand crank generator charges the internal NI-MH batteries
  • Batteries: Power the radio the old fashioned way with 3 AA batteries
  • Electric: With the included adapter, you can play or charge with 110V electricity
  • Radio Bands:
    • AM: 530 - 1710KHz
    • FM: 88 - 108 MHz
    • VHF(118-137 MHz, Aviation;162.4 - 162.55 Weather)
  • Four Continuous short wave bands:
    • SW1: 4.0 - 9.00 MHz
    • SW2: 9.00 - 14.00 MHz
    • SW3: 14.00 - 19.00MHz
    • SW4: 19.00 - 26.00 MHz (Covers most of the world stations)
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