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    Smart Power Strip
Bits Limited SCG3 Smart Power Strip




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Small Energy Saving Smart Strip SCG3

The Smart Power Strip saves energy by electronically unplugging all of the devices that are plugged into the "Automatically Switched outlets" when the device plugged into the control outlet is turned off. This stops them from drawing any current without the need to turn them off or unplug them. Some devices still draw an idle current even when turned off, therefore using the smart strip or unplugging them is the only way to stop them from wasting power.

A normal electric bill varies by at least $20 month to month. The average savings that the Smart Strip will produce is $11.16 per month and easily get hidden in the above month to month variation. The savings can be measured using the Kill'a'Watt meter and is great enough for the smart strip to pay for itself in about three months on average.

When any electronic device is left on 24/7, the heat inside the components are constantly building up without any chance to cool down. This heat eventually weakens the electronic components and causes failure of that device. Devices today are designed to be turned off and/or go into a low power sleep mode without shortening its life span.

Surge Protection Specifications:

  • Recessed, lighted power switch
  • Patent pending status indicator
  • 4 way wall mountable
  • 6-Foot,14 gauge, heavy-duty power cord
  • 45 degree angled space saver plug
  • Seven outlets total:
    • 1 Control - Always Hot
    • 2 Constant Hot
    • 4 Switched
    • 1 Transformer-spaced, 3 Standard
  • UL 1449 Rating 120 Volt 50/60 Hz
  • 1225 joules three-way protection:
    • 775 joules live to neutral
    • 225 joules live to ground
    • 225 joules neutral to ground
  • 48,000Amp, three-way protection:
    • 24,000 amps live-neutral
    • 12,000 amps live-ground
    • 12,000 amps neutral-ground
  • 330 volt, three-way protection
  • 15 amp circuit breaker
  • 2 Thermal/Current & 2 trace land fuses
  • Superior EMI/RFI filtering:
    • .1ufd film box capacitor
  • Up to 40db line noise reduction

Energy Saver Specifications:

  • Ultra Safe Passive Current Sensor
  • Patent-Pending Protective Hysteresis Circuit
  • Uses ZERO POWER When The Switched Outlets Are Off
  • Uses Less Than 1 Watt When Fully Energizedt
  • 180-degree adjustable solar panel
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