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    PowerCost Monitor

Whole House PowerCost Monitor™ - Display

Whole Hpuse PowerCost Monitor™ - How It Works

Whole House PowerCost Monitor™ - Install

Whole House PowerCost Monitor™ - Package Contents

New Model BLI 28000
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Blueline Innovations Whole House Wireless PowerCost Monitor BLI-28000

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Independent studies have confirmed that most families using the PowerCost Monitor can save up to 18% in energy consumption and dollars.

As unobtrusive as a small electric clock, the PowerCost Monitor is a powerful real-time direct feedback display device that measures home electricity usage. It tells at a glance, in real-time, how much electricity your home is using in dollars and cents and in kW.

The PowerCost Monitor technology consists of two discrete functional units:

  • A detection unit, known as the sensor unit, is affixed to an existing household utility meter with a simple ring clamp.
  • The sensor unit is compatible with standard North American digital and electromechanical meter types. This is the only component of the PowerCost Monitor that will be in direct physical contact with the utility's meter and the clamp mechanism allows it to be attached to the outside of the meter glass. It can also be quickly attached and detached without making any changes to the existing meter.
  • The display unit, located inside the home, receives a wireless signal from the transmitter and displays the consumption information in real time and in dollars and cents for the end user. Other information is also displayed such as time and outside temperature.

Considerations before you order:

  • The PowerCost Monitor uses a wireless signal to read the information on your utility meter. This means that your utility meter must be located next to your home or within 30 meters (100 ft - line-of-sight) of your house (subtract 5m or 15' for each wall between Display and Sensor Units)
  • The PowerCost Monitor can be easily used in the following types of houses:

    • A single, detached dwelling such as the one shown in the image below:
      Single detached house
    • A duplex such as the one shown in the image below:
      Duplex house
    • On a row of houses such as those shown in the image below, provided your meter is within 30 meters (100 ft) of the display unit:
      Row or town house

  • The PowerCost Monitor is designed to read the power provided by the utility to the home only.
  • It is not designed for "net metering" applications, where the homeowner generates power via solar or wind and feeds it back into the energy grid.
  • If your home meets the above housing requirements then you may proceed with your order.

Easy installation with full customer support and warranty:

  • The PowerCost Monitor is designed to be installed by a typical homeowner in a matter of minutes. You do not need to hire an electrician or other professional to install the unit. It should take approximately 20 minutes to install your PowerCost Monitor™ on a day when it is not raining.
  • To complete your installation you will need a Slot (flat-head) screwdriver and a recent electricity bill to determine your power rate.
  • The unit comes complete with installation guide, step by step setup guide, user manual and installation DVD video.
  • Limited one year warranty: To be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year to the original user or consumer purchaser.
  • Toll Free manufacturer customer phone support.

The PowerCost Monitor is compatible with over 90% are meters deployed in North America, including both traditional disk meters, and newer digital meters. There are however specific models and limitations that prevents installation on every meter. The following list highlights the most common digital meters that have a pulse for the sensor to trigger off of and those that do not. For disk meters, if the sensor can "see" the black mark and disk from the front, then alignment is possible, provide dthere is no plate covering the disk.

Supported Meters

  • CENTRON by Itron/Schlumberger
  • I-210 and I-210+by GE
  • iCon by Sensus
  • R1S and R2S by Elster (Sometimes called REX1 or REX2)
  • Echelon EM-502xx -Series "NES - Solid State Watt Hour Meter"
  • Disk meters with Black mark clearly visible

Not supported because of no pulse:

  • FOCUS by Landis & Gyr (Triangular port at the 3:00 position)
  • Schlumberger MT100/200 Hybrids
  • A1T+ A1R+ and A3TL by Elster or ABB(Alpha)
  • GE Kv2 Series
  • GE TM-900 Hybrid (Disk behind Digital Plate)
  • Altimus by Siemens and Landis & Gyr
  • ASX/RSX by Landis & Gyr
  • Disk meters with plates covering the disk and black mark
  • Net Metering (Disk spinning in both Directions or digitals meters displaying bi-directional amounts)

Video Demonstrations:

News Report

Installation & Set-up



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