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     Kaito KA500 Voyager

Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio - Black


Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio - Blue


Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio - Yellow


Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio - Green


Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio - Red


Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio - Camouflage


Front controls view

Front Controls

Rear controls view

Rear Controls

$49.99 ($69.95 MSRP)
Radio Only

$54.99 ($79.94 MSRP)
Radio & AC Adapter


Optional AC Adapter

Optional AC Adapter

$7.99 ($9.99 MSRP)


  • USA radio orders ship FREE via USPS Priority Mail within one business day!
  • Optional AC adapter when purchased individually - $2.99
  • "Email us" for discount shipping on orders of  three items or more.


For US residents, simply click on the button below to place your order. For non-US residents, please email us using the email link in the "Contact Us" section of this site for shipping quote and ordering instructions.


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Kaito Voyager KA500 Emergency Radio - Solar/Crank & Weather Alert Multiband Radio With Cell Phone & MP3 Charger & Flashlight

The Voyager KA500 is the next generation in emergency radios from Kaito Electronics, Inc. With its roots based on the highly acclaimed KA007 and KA009 emergency radios it includes some significant upgrades. The water-resistant design, splash-proof case and rubberized padded carry handle along with a plethora of feature and functionality enhancements make it ideally suited for use in emergency situations or harsh environmental conditions.

The KA500 receives a wide range of broadcasting including AM, FM, shortwave and seven NOAA weather stations. The seven weather channels are pre-programmed and numbered from 1 - 7. You can easily and conveniently tune into these stations by turning the switch, no more guess work involved. Additionally, the NOAA Alert function allows you to set the Voyager in a standby mode to automatically turn on the radio and receive emergency broadcasts if severe weather conditions are present in your reception area.

The radio has a built-in rechargeable NI-MI battery pack that will run the radio for over 12 hours when fully charged. These batteries can be charged by crank power, solar power (180 degree adjustable solar panel), AC Adapter (not included), or an external USB power source such as a computer (USB cable not included). Additionally, the radio can be operated in the old fashioned way with AA batteries (not included).

The Kaito KA500 can charge cell phones and small electronic devices such as MP3 players or IPOD's via the USB port. Simply plug your device into the radio and use the crank handle, solar panel or optional AC adapter to charge it. The Kaito KA500 comes with six cell phone adapter tips to charge the most popular cell phones. The listing of covered phones is available in the documentation section.

This feature rich radio also includes a five LED adjustable reading lamp, a built-in long life LED flashlight and an emergency flashing red light. Its large tuning knobs and function buttons make for ease of operation. And the large dynamic speaker provides crystal clear sound in a small and lightweight package.

Note: Some users have reported that they were unable to charge certain generations of iPhones with the KA 500. If you want to charge an iPOD or iPhone you will need to order the KA 500IP at the following link: KA500IP


Accessories Included:

  • Six Cell Phone Tips
  • Earphone
  • USB Cord


  • 5-way powered emergency radio: AC, battery, hand crank, solar, computer
  • AM/FM/Shortwave radio and 7 pre-set NOAA weather channels with alert
  • 180-degree adjustable solar panel
  • High-capacity replaceable rechargeable battery
  • Rubberized water-resistant housing + 5-LED reading lamp + Flashlight


  • FM: 88 - 108 MHz
  • AM (MW): 530 -1710 KHz
  • NOAA Weather: 162.400/162.425/162.450/162.475/162.50/162.525/162.55 (continuous band)
  • SW1: 3.20- 8.00 MHz
  • SW2: 9.00- 22.00 MHz
  • Output power: 200 MW peak power using built-in speaker
  • Headset jack socket: 3.5 mm
  • External DC supply socket: 6 mm (positive center)
  • Power Supply: 4.5-6.0V DC power. For shortwave reception, it is recommended to use built-in NI-MI batteries or AA batteries because the AC adaptor generates noises that will interfere with the reception
  • Sensitivity
    • FM ≤ 20uV
    • MW ≤ 2.5mV
    • SW ≤ 30uV
  • Rechargeable batteries: 3 NI-MH batteries 600mAh
  • Size: 204 x 128 x 66 MM (8 x 5 x 2.6 inches)
  • Weight: 1.8 Lbs

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