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    Solar Charger

Solio Hybrid 100 Solar Charger

Solio Hybrid 100 Solar Charger

Solio Hybrid 100 Solar Charger


Ships within 24 hours!



  • Ships within 24 hours!
  • $9.99 continental USA
  • Contact Us "email us"  for discounts on orders for more than five units


For US residents, simply click on the button below to place your order. For non-US residents, please email us using the email link in the "Contact Us" section of this site for ordering instructions.


Mail-in Orders:


Solio Hybrid 1000 Solar Charger
By Better Energy Systems

Never be caught without a charge!

When on the go power for your gadgets is key, plug into the Solio Hybrid 1000. This hybrid boasts a powerful solar panel and battery in an incredibly compact and slender case, conveniently geared with a built-in rugged carabiner and cable. The Hybrid 1000 is simple to use. Just clip on, plug in, and charge up!

The Hybrid 1000 accepts power from either the wall socket or sun storing this energy within its internal rechargeable battery. Solio then uses this energy to power your gadgets at the same rate as if they were plugged into the wall. Solio will also hold its charge for up to a year. Simply plug into the sun and charge Solio through its solar panel - it's free and green! Or use the included tip to charge from the USB port of any computer.

Solio limits your need to purchase and carry around multiple chargers for all of your gadgets and is your one stop charging solution for all of your products from cell phones and iPods, to digital cameras, game players, and GPS.

A full Solio H1000 will charge a typical mobile phone once or give 10 hours of MP3 music - just 1 hour of sunshine = 15 minutes talk time or 40 minutes of MP3 music.*

Provides emergency power for your mobile gadgets anywhere you go. So wherever you are… whenever you need power… Solio is there.:

  • Anything: Powers virtually all your handheld electronics
  • Anytime: Stores power for whenever you need it
  • Anywhere: Chargeable from the sun or wall socket
  • Anyone: Easy to use by attaching a cable and pushing a button


  • Free Adobe PDF Reader -  click Acrobat logo Get free Acrobat Reader (required to open H1000 tips compatibility List
  • Tips compatibility list - click "here"
  • BES green statement - click "here"
  • Generic Solio video presentation -  click "here"

Accessories Included:

  • Adapter tip system cable
  • USB Port Replicator tip (powers iPhone, iPod, MP3 players)
  • Mini-USB tip (powers Motorola, Blackberry, Garmin, iRiver)
  • Nokia tip
  • Instruction manual


  • Rated Output: 4 -12V, 0 - 1 Amp (max)
  • Solar panel output: 150mA @ 5.5V
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces
  • Internal Battery: Rechargeable 3.6 volts, 1000mAh lithium-ion
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 7.8" x 2.6" x 0.71"
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 55°C ( -22F to 131 )

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