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   The Energy Detective
   CT/MTU Set

TED 5000 CT Set

TED 5000 CT Set

TED 5000 MTU

TED 5000 MTU

TED 5000 CT/MTU Set $84.95


  • Ships to USA via USPS Priority Mail within 24 hrs - $9.99
  • Please "email us" for shipping on orders of  three items or more


For USA residents, simply click on the corresponding button below to place your order.
For all other countries, please email us using the email link in the "Contact Us" section of this site for ordering instructions.

Please enter 6-digit serial code(s) of existing MTU(s)
TED 5000 CT/MTU Set USA 

Mail-in Orders:


The Energy Detective - TED Model 5000 Additional CT/MTU Set

See TED 5000 in action - click here

Product Description:

Add an additional Measuring Transmitting Unit (MTU) with two Current Transformers (CTs) for an
additional break panel or subpanel, to measure individual breakers, or if you've added a wind or
solar installation.

Each Gateway can hold up to four MTUs. If you plan on using more than one MTU with the same system, please list the 6-digit serial code of each MTU you have below, to ensure that we provide you with a MTU that will communicate with your current system.

When ordering this item please provide us the "A" though "D" prefix (alpha prefix may not be present on all MTU's) and 6-digit serial code(s) of every existing MTU(s) that you currently have with your TED 5000 system. This is necessary so we can properly match an MTU with your existing system to prevent addressing conflicts.


Typical Installation Diagram

TED Typical Installation
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